Hersonisos, 26 May 2022

Dear Guests,

The sun, the sea and the blue sky are still here, waiting for you to enjoy your summer holidays.
Our smiles and warm hospitality are always here as well.

At Asterias Village Resort, as we want to ensure the health and safety of our Guests and our Team, we kindly ask you to read carefully the below measures in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19:

Please note that these measures can be changed at any time (as the epidemic progresses), following the guidelines of the Hellenic Authorities, the European Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Thank you very much for your understanding and for assisting us in keeping Asterias Village Resort a safe place for all of our Guests and Team.

In the end, please remember the golden rules for Covid-19:

  • Personal responsibility and hygiene
  • Social distancing, at least 1,50m
  • Face masks, when it is required

Opening Date

The Asterias Village Resort is opening for the 2022 season on the 1st of April.

Please remember that, as the epidemic progresses, changes may occur.

Reception Area / Check-in and Check-out
The Greek Health Authorities have given instructions that require increased time between each check-out and check-in, in order to ensure that each room is thoroughly disinfected between stays, and that the space is adequately ventilated.

Additionally, at the Reception Area, all mandatory and optional measures instructed by the Greek Health Authorities will be followed. Thus:

  1. Check–In time is 15:00
  2. Check-Out time is 11:00
  3. Hand sanitizing stations will be available for our Guests
  4. Glass screen on the Reception desk
  5. Floor signs (every 200cm) to delimit safe distances for queuing
  6. Guests are encouraged to make electronic transactions

Restaurant and Bar

The Greek Health Authorities have given instructions. Thus:

  1. Hand sanitizing stations will be available for our Guests
  2. Floor signs (every 200cm) to indicate safe distances for queuing
  3. Breakfast Buffet will be served at our “Cohilia” Pool Bar
    Dinner will be served at our “Oliva” a la carte Restaurant or at our “Cohilia” Pool Bar (when we offer Dinner Buffet, too)
  4. Tables will be sanitized between uses
  5. Guests are encouraged to make electronic transactions


Upon arrival, your room will be thoroughly disinfected, according to the Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols. Decorative items such as throw pillows and runners as well as shared items (e.g. hotel directories) will be withdrawn from your room. Thus:

  1. Room ventilation before arrival
  2. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of room surfaces and equipment by using a steam cleaner (when it is needed) and approved chemicals
  3. Withdrawal of decorative and reusable items

Swimming Pool

While you are enjoying the sun and the swimming pool, we will be closely monitoring the water parameters and take action when needed. Our swimming pool engine room is equipped with all the automated technology for doing that. Additionally, we will monitor the water parameters manually as well. Thus:

  1. Frequent and continuous PH and Pool Chemicals measurement and recording
  2. Addition of pool chemicals when needed
  3. Swimming pool shower and provision of shower gel and shampoo
  4. Available Pool towels at our Reception Area (payable)
  5. Disinfection of sunbeds and tables
  6. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment using only approved chemicals
  7. Inflatables are not allowed in the pool (except inflatables for babies in the children’s pool)


Contact information:

Asterias Village Resort